We invite you to join us for VBS from July 15th to July 19th!


WELCOME!  Piney Grove Baptist Church greets you, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We at Piney Grove Baptist Church continue to worship our God in spirit and truth.  This walk of faith many times seems long and difficult at times; however, the joy of the Lord is our strength to help us through life’s obstacles.

2024, marks one hundred and fifty-four (154) years since Piney Grove Baptist Church was established. That is quite an accomplishment, which is proof of God’s power, mercy, grace, goodness, peace, joy, protection and favor. Because he has truly brought us this far. We hope by you joining our church family, your relationship with our heavenly father will be cultivated and your faith deepened.

All of us, at one time or another, face seemingly difficult circumstances. Some call it life events. The Lord’s mercy and compassion, along with prayer and support of church members, is known to bring comfort to those in need.  We at Piney Grove know that fervent prayer with God’s help is the answer! Every one of us has gifts from the Lord and when put to use can deliver great results for God’s kingdom.

 We welcome you to join our march forward, and please feel free to use your gifts, talents, and experiences to help us at Piney Grove Baptist Church to improve, grow, and remain a relevant church in our community. 

God Bless,
Deacon Joseph B. Burgess III
Chairperson, Deacon Ministry

At Piney Grove Baptist Church, we believe in the power of community and the love of Christ that binds us all.  We are delighted that you are considering visiting us and joining in our worship and community activities. We encourage you to connect with us through our social media platforms by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Threads and YouTube, to stay updated on our events, activities, and daily inspirations. It’s a great way to become part of our community, no matter where you are!

If you’re planning to visit from out of town, please fill out our Visitor’s Form. This helps us prepare for your visit and ensure you have a wonderful and memorable experience.  We look forward to connecting with you!