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Baptism/Baby Dedication


Baptism is an essential step in your journey with Christ, symbolizing obedience, declaration, and transformation. By choosing to be baptized, you follow Christ’s command and example, publicly declaring your faith and commitment to Him. It’s a beautiful symbol of dying to your old self and being reborn into a new life centered on Jesus.

This sacred act also welcomes you into the Christian community, marking your place among those who have chosen to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. It represents not just a physical act, but a spiritual renewal, acknowledging that you are cleansed and renewed by faith in Christ’s sacrifice.

If you feel moved by your faith and are ready to take this transformative step, baptism is your opportunity to solidify your commitment and experience a renewed sense of purpose and community. Don’t wait to make this significant decision—take your faith public and celebrate your new life in Christ. Let’s join together in this holy and fulfilling journey. Get baptized and embrace the path that God has laid out for you.

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is a cherished ceremony that symbolizes your commitment as parents to raise your child under God’s guidance and within the community of faith. This sacred event is not just a ritual, but a public declaration of your intention to guide your child in the Christian faith.

Prior to the dedication, we invite you to meet with our church clerk. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss the significance of the dedication and personalize the ceremony to reflect your family’s beliefs.

On the day of the dedication, our church will welcome your child with open arms. The ceremony will include prayers of blessing, your commitment to uphold Christian values in your child’s upbringing, and community support. It’s a spiritually enriching experience for everyone involved.

Beyond the dedication, our church is committed to supporting your family’s spiritual journey. We offer various resources and programs designed to nurture your child’s faith as they grow.

Ready to Dedicate Your Baby? If you are ready to dedicate your child to God and want to know more, or if you wish to schedule a dedication, please [Register Here] or contact our church office to meet with our church clerk. We are excited to be a part of this special milestone in your family’s life and look forward to celebrating with you.