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White House 31st May, 72


Your last letter, my dear Mim, was received at the same time with one from Custis, which I answered immediately. And not thinking that you would enjoy such a feast as two letters from me, I have delayed answering your’s [sic] until now.

We are all delighted to think that you are better, and I wish Tabb and Robbie to get off early in July to join you at the Hot, so that you may see as much of the latter as possible. They are both much improved and Robbie has grown so much that you will hardly recognize him. We have taken off his shoes, which adds much to his comfort.

You possibly have forgotten that this is my birth-day, 35th at that. Just think what a wonder appeared in the world this day 35 years ago!! I hope that, during this long stretch of time, of the pleasure and pain which my existence has caused you. That the pleasure has outweighed the pain. I am sure that of one thing you must have always been well aware of, that I have never had toward you even one emotion than of the warmest and deepest love, which has grown with my growth and strengthened with my strength.

I am glad to hear that Mary is going to Europe. I am sure it will be pleasant to her. I hear through the Braxtons that Ella George is not going on account of her Father’s health. Will Mary visit cousin Edward & Blanche?

We are in full enjoyment of strawberries (stawberries Robbie calls them). They are very fine and plentiful. I wish you were here to enjoy them. You must give my love to my dear sisters, and tell Agnes I will acknowledge her letter before long. How is Mildred?

Rob has returned from a visit to Rockland’s. He says he left Lottie better. He is very well and seems in good spirits. We are all in hopes of a good crop of wheat. The weather is cool & dry. My love to George

Your aff. & devoted son

W. H F L

P.S. Have you heard that poor little Julia Wickham has had her leg amputated above the knee disease cancer. She is doing well.     




Source:  Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 51 g 24, Section 6, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 October 5