Dumfries 26th November 1790

Dear Sir,

The death of your late collector Mr. William Carr of this place emboldens me to write to you on this subject. The Bearer of this is a Tenant of yours, on your Land in this County, to him I refer for the situation and treatment of it; which from what I have been informed is very much the same in an adjacent County. If, Sir, you choose to confide in me so far as to intrust me with the collection of your rents and the transaction of your other business in these upper Counties I will undertake it and at the same time pledge myself to do you that ample justice which is due, in my opinion, from one, in whom a similar confidence is reposed. You shall not only find me strictly attentive to the collection of your rents, but as strictly attentive to a fulfillment by every Tenant of the Covenants in his Lease or other agreement respecting the care of the Land etc. I am intrusted by some Gentlemen with similar business to whom I have the pleasure of giving perfect satisfaction, and to the same end, if you should have the goodness to grant my request, I take the liberty of inclosing a power of Attorney, for your consideration, under which I act for those Gentlemen, who have intrusted me to transact their Business. Permit me to suggest the necessity of a Letter to the Executors of the late Cap Carr to deliver to me all your Papers and a correct list of your Tenants, with what may be due from each, and their annual Rent. If I am to transact the business for you, I will do myself the honor of paying my personal respects to you when I come to Westmoreland next Month and receiving your particular instructions and wishes, in the interim I have the honor to be with great esteem & respect,

Dear Sir, Your most Obedient and

very Humble Servant

Thos. Lee, Sr.

The Honorable Robert Carter esqr


The Honorable

Robert Carter esquire.


Nomony Hall

favor of

Mr Barker

Thos Lee, Senr

26th Novr 1790



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.075

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