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1821. Nov. 7

Fr: Mayo to Lee (fr: original)

Richmd Nov. 7 1821

Dear Sir,

            I returned to town last evening from a short visit to the country, and this evening recd your favor of the 29th Ulto. via Fredericksburg. I have placed the enclosed note in the hands of Mr. Page. He expresses some doubt of being able to negotiate a note, in which the parties are so remote from the sphere of bank operations. As the mail for the northern neck is made up this evening it will be impossible to give you decisive information of the results of his efforts till the next mail. I think you would do well not to rely too sanguinely upon a favorable result, after the above statement. Whatever it may be you shd be informed by the next mail, when I will either enclose you the note or the considerations for which it may be negotiable. In the meantime you will, no doubt, make every prudent arrangement in your power lest they shd prove unsuccessful. I shall be glad to hear from you by the returning mail when possibly you may be able to inform me of the arrival of ______ ______1 in your county. By that time I may decide whether it may be better to open the subject by letter or defer it to Decr.

            I have not seen Mr. Leigh since I wrote you last but presume he has recd the papers from Mr. Stevenson. I hav communicated with him on the subject.

Very sincerely

                        Your friend &c

                                    Robt Mayo

P.S. I shall be greatly mortified if Mr. Page shd fail in negotiating the loan. And from the manner in which he spoke of the remoteness of the parties from bank operations – have serious apprehensions about it, but yet hope, while I think it prudent to caution you of being too confident of success.

X ______ Was then at Sudley the residence of her Uncle W.R.2



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 7, M2009.144

Transcribed by Caitlin Connelly

1. Elizabeth McCarty

2. Also reference to Elizabeth McCarty, and her uncle William Robinson.