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West Point 14 Feby 1855

Genl Winfield Scott


My very dear Genl

I have had nothing to give me so much pleasure since the capture of Mexico, as the passage of the act of Cong: confining on you the rank of Lt. Genl. It adds nothing to your fame or the brilliancy of the acheivement [sic]; but it gives me indescribable gratification that the Am: people should give to the world & posterity some evidence of their gratitude & of their appreciation of your Services. A thrill of delight will I am sure go through the whole country, at this act of justice.

When the intelligence reached me yesterday, I could not contain my feelings under the grave aspect of the supt, & had to give vent to them. I sent over, fro Mrs. [Misters] Kemble & Parrott, & assembled the Profrs & some of the younger officers, & at 5 Oclk we sat down to the best dinner the Point Could furnish. After the dessert I desired the gentn to fill their glasses with the wine they liked best. That contrary to my habit I intended to indulge in a sentiment which I know would meet with their approval. I saw that speculation was very busy in the minds of my guests at this unusual mood of speechmaking, but when I rose & gave “Health & long life to the Lt Genl of the Am. Army,” there was one cordial shout, & Mr. Kemble declared he would drink three bumpers to it. I am sure Genl that among all your friends none more sincerely rejoice at this event than those at West Point. Nor can it give more gratification to any than to

ever faithfully yours

RE Lee




Source: Earl Swem Library Special Collections, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 March 26