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Union Hall May 23, 1865


Genl. R. E. Lee,


My dear Sir: The house I offered you, the property of my Father, Mr Mayo Cabell, is at your service and I hope you will not hesitate to accept it. I have to regret that it is not better and more suitable. If you decide to accept it let me hear through Mr Philip Cabell that I may have every thing in readiness for you & years to occupy the house when it is most pleasant to you. The house will be furnished free of expence to you and if you fix a date earlier than the completion of the canal a carriage or carriages & wagons will meet you at the point reached by the packets, from which point you can reach us in one day if desired. I am now satisfied that if the house attended to or its location is not pleasant that I will have it in my power, through the kindness & co.operation of every one, to whom the subject may be mentioned to obtain other & more suitable houses in perhaps more suitable localities but I am (now just this minute reached my neighborhood) not prepared to do more than you find contained in this hastily written note.

In conclusion I beg you to allow me & my friends to render you any assistance in our power if we can do so pleasantly & agreeably to you.

Hoping that you will excuse this hastily written note & that I may receive a reply (favorable to my wishes) through Mr Cabell I hope you will present my kindest regards to Mrs. Lee and other members of your family.

Very truly yours

Willm. D Cabell



Source: Robert E. Lee Headquarters Papers, Folder 29, Mss3 L 515a, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 February 9