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Headquarters, July 26, 1862


Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson,

Commanding Valley District:


General: I have received your letter of the 23d instant, giving the report of your scout concerning the position of General Pope’s forces. I am glad to hear that you have sufficient transportation for your present purposes. I did not desire you to purchase more in reference to your future movements, but to collect and prepare what you had, so as to have it at your command at a safe and convenient position. I have written to you on the subject of re-enforcements. It is a difficult question. I am sorry you feel yourself so weak. I was in hopes your stragglers were coming to you. It has been determined to brigade the Louisiana regiments. The regiments assigned to you are those that will be first filled up with recruits from Louisiana. That is the reason for the change. I send you two and a battery, and take away one regiment General Taylor, still an invalid, will go to Louisiana to hurry on the men. I will endeavor to send you a division in addition. Can you not take a strong position and resist the advance of Pope? Let me know your strength. Have field returns every ten days.

Very respectfully,

R. E. Lee,



Source: The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Vol. 12, Part 3, pp. 917-918


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 July 15