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Hdqrs. Department of Northern Virginia,

July 25, 1862


Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson,

Commanding Valley District, &c.:

General: Your letter of the 24th is received. I hope you will be able to get definite information of Pope, his numbers, &c. You must keep your troops well in hand and your cavalry close upon him, so that he cannot strike you an unexpected blow should you not be strong enough to strike at him. I wrote you on the subject of sending you re-enforcements and the difficulty. Since then I have heard of Stevens’ division, from South Carolina, joining McClellan. All Burnside’s is said to have been withdrawn from North Carolina. I am extremely anxious to re-enforce you, and would send General A. P. Hill’s division, but he is now in arrest. General D. H. Hill I have been obliged to send south of James River to take Holmes’ place, who has gone to Arkansas, &c., instead of Magruder. D. H. Hill’s division at present is without a commander, in consequence of confusion among the major-generals. Although feeling weak, uncertain which side of the James River the enemy will advance, and being obliged to watch both, I could send you a force to suppress Pope could I see a chance of your hitting him which did not involve its too long absence. Keep me advised and yourself prepared. They will be constantly annoying the railroad unless we can find their main body and drive it. If Pope goes far enough, could you swoop down north of the Rappahannock, suddenly uniting with Stuart, and clear the left bank opposite Fredericksburg?

Wishing you all health and success, I am, very truly,

R E Lee


Source: The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series 1, Vol. 12, Part 3, p. 917


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 July 14