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Head Quarters ANVa

April 29th 1863

6 ¾ P.M.


Maj Gen. R. H. Anderson

Comg Division


I have just heard that a portion of the enemy’s Cavalry accompanied by infantry crossed the Rapidan at Germana Ford about one ‘o’clock. You had better Draw in your brigades at U. S. Ford and take throw your left back so as to cover the roads leading from Chancellorville [sic] down the river, taking the strongest line you can and holding it to the last advantage. I wish you to go forward yourself and attend to this matter. Let me know where communications will reach you and inform me of the condition of things. See if you can find where Col. Davis cavalry is and collect all the mounted men which you can on your front, & keep them in your front. See to the provisions & forage of your men & animals

Very respectfully

Your obt servt

R E Lee


P.S. I have just heard that a regiment of cavalry crossed at Elys Ford. We may be obliged to change our position in consequence of the enemy having come between us & Gen. Stuart. Make your preparatory arrangements to-night so as to secure all your property. Leave no more sharp shooters on the river on left of Fredg than are absolutely necessary so as to have as strong a force as possible to strengthen our left.





Source: Not in Lee’s handwriting but signed by Lee, George Francis Markham Collection, Section 1, Mss1 M3415 a 23-25, Virginia Historical Society

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2019 May 22