PGBC Senior Prom - Stepping Out In Elegance - August 10th

Camp 31 July ‘64


My dear daughter

I have just recd your note of the 29th with the bundle referred to. I am glad it is safe, but I have not wanted the Contents, as I hope the garments they are to replace will retain their existence till Cool weather. Your Mama did not mention the shirts. I am very much obliged to the Kind donor, though unknown, but I feel much humbled at these repeated acts of Kindness Knowing how unworthy I am of them, & that they are prompted under a misapprehension of facts & a misconception of the truth. Do not send them to me, as you Know my adhesion to old garments & my dislike to discard them until they take leave of me. I suppose my trunks will not receive these newcomers with their elegant wrappings, you must therefore get Miss Sallie Warwick or Mrs Caskie to keep them for me. The weather is intensely hot here as you imagine & a man has hardly use for other garments than shirts & boots. Genl Grant took advantage of the Cool of the morg yesterday to spring a mine under one of the batteries on our lines occupied by that brave officer Genl Elliott. Neither the works or the men were injured much, though Genl E. was severely wounded in rallying his men & endeavouring to hold his position. It was a part of the lines occupied by Genl Beauregard & as the case seemed urgent I sent off Genl Mahone with two of his brigades who swept in beautifully cleared the intrenchments of the Enemy, repossessing the whole line, recovering the guns & Capturing or killing all of the enemy that held them. Our loss I am thankful to say was Small though in the charge, several officers while gallantly leading their men were killed. At the time of springing the mine, all their batteries were opened on us & the town. Little damage was done us, but I am sorry to say several houses in the city were fired, which I presume gratified them amazingly. I did not Know that the Locals had been called out on this late alarm, & thought it was too insignificant for their attention. I sent up troops from here. Tell Miss Lizzie Wickham she had better Come down here & see her old cousin. He will not Call her names, but will put her on a great big horse & will not let her fall off. Give my love to Sweet Annie, I fear it is like throwing pearls before Swine to Keep her with the mess. She ought to Come down to the Army & her Cousin. I hope you are well again my dear daughter & will continue so through this hot Summer. You had better go up to see your Uncle Carter a little while & get some fresh Country air. I wish I could get you with your Papa. God bless & keep you is my constant prayer

Truly R E Lee



Source: Checked against original letter, Mary Custis Lee Papers, Mss1 L5144 a, Section 14, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 December 19