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Rockbridge Baths

25 Sept ‘65


I recd today dear Mary your letter of the 17th & am very glad to hear of Robs arrival & that you are all well. I am sorry that I missed seeing the latter, but find it was necessary that I should have been present at the meeting of the Bd of Trustees on the 20th. They adjourned on the evg of the 21st & on the morg of the 22nd I wrote over here, where I found Annie & Miss Belle. The latter is very sad & deeply distressed at the death of Mrs Cross but quiet & resigned. The former is very well, but not as round as the winter. The babies are well & sweet. I have taken the baths every day since my arrival, & like them very much. In fact they are delightful & I wish you were all here to enjoy them. The temperature is a little cooler than the Berkeley baths, but equally pleasant. Annie & Billie go in two & sometimes three times a day. Yesterday I pursued some horses & look them up to the top of the Jump Mt: where we had one of the most beautiful views I ever saw. Today I could get but one horse & miss Belle & I rode up. Hays creek valley, which possessed beauties of a different kind. I shall return to Lexington on the 29th. I perceive as get no change in rheumatic affection. I shall be obliged to go to Hotel which I dislike Dr Madison I fear will not be able to get out of the house at the college for some walks & we probably shall not get in it till 1 Novr. I can probably speak more definitely on my return. There is no situation at Washn College which Genl Chilton can fill at present. Tell Custis I am much obliged to him for his attention to my baggage. All the articles enumerated by him arrived safely at Col: Reids Thursday morg early & I had them stored there till my return. I also recd the package of letters he sent. I recd a letter from Dr Guild to which I have responded. I hope he may receive the appt at the V. M. Institute. Every one interested, has expressed a desire he should do so, & I am more desirous than all of them. If he Comes by land, he will find the route I took very pleasant & about 108 miles viz: Bremo Dr Wilmes Waynesborough, Greenville. He will find me at the Lexington Hotel. I have written to Mr Jarius Green at Alexa to know if he could supply us with such furniture as we may require. Diningroom, Parlour & three bedrooms. I presume provisions of all kinds Can be Insured in Lexington. Sugars, Coffee &c all come up the canal from Richmond. I wish you were all with me. I feel very solitary & miss you all dreadfully. Give much love to the girls & boys. Kind remembrances to Mrs P Miss Louisa & Mr Thos: Cocke. I have no news. Most affy R E Lee


P.S. Annie & Bell send a great deal of love to all REL


Mrs. M. C. Lee



Source: Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 596, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 August 2