Camp 18 Mar ’64


I arrived safely dear Mary yesterday & found all well. I was very sorry to leave you all & especially not to see more of dear Fitzhugh to whom, my heart was so full I Could say but little. I hope however he will soon Come up when I Can see more of him. There were 67 prs: of socks in the bag I brought up instead of 64 as you supposed, & I found here three dozen prs: of beautiful white yarn socks sent over by our kind Cousin Julia & sweet little Carrie, (I suppose the latter wishes to Console me for not having Bertus1) making 103 prs: all of which I sent to the Stone wall brigade. One dozen of the Stuart socks had double heels. Can you not teach Mildred that stitch? Indeed all might have had them, but I did not observe the larger package as closely as the Smaller. They sent me also some hams, which I had rather they had eaten, & each wrote me a kind note. Tell Maggie she must thank them for all. I take advantage of Bryans visit to R[ichmond] to send you a portion of a box some kind people have sent me from the Allegheny. A roll of butter, 10 doz eggs & a few apples. Have some omelettes made for those poor little girls, to revive them after their repose, & to cheer up the repast of the gentlemen.

You must give my kind regards to your large family & give much love to my children. I pray that you may be preserved & relieved from all your troubles & that we may all be again united here on earth & forever in Heaven.


Most truly & affly

R E Lee




Source: Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51c 504, Section 25, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond


Transcribed by Colin Woodward    


1. Bertus was a nickname for Robert E. Lee, Jr., (aka “Robertus”)