PGBC Senior Prom - Stepping Out In Elegance - August 10th

Camp 23 Apl ’64

I recd this morg dear Mary by one of our scouts from north of the Rappk a package addressed to me, Containing articles for you. Later in the day I recd a letter from Mrs. Peyton which I enclose & which explains the matter. You will be interested in the part relating to dear Anne. It is a great Comfort to me to Know that she is relieved from the pain, anxiety, & suffering of this world. I trust she is in the abode of the blessed who die in the Lord, where I pray we may al be united. Our life in this world is of no value except to prepare us for a better. That should be our Constant aim & the end of all our efforts. I hope dear Mary this warm weather is mitigating your pains & relaxing the hold of your disease. I am much rejoiced at the report of your Dr. Did he have recourse to the Homeopathic application to his finger, for the bite of Custis Morgan, & insist on another Grip. I should have recommended squirrel Soup for your disease immediately. I fear he will give some of the family a terrible bite before he is dispatched. It is their nature, & they become more vicious with age. I recommend he be Confined to his Cage or be dismissed. I suppose next week we shall be occupied in the field. I do not Know when I shall be able to write to you again. I advise you to get into some quiet place for the summer as soon as you Can. Halifax, Charlotte, Liberty, or any place where you can find security & food. Richmond is not the place for you. Give much love to all my children. May God guard direct & bless you all here & hereafter, is my Constant & earnest prayer.

Truly & most affy yours

R E Lee





Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 514, Section 26, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 June 8