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Camp, Orange CtHouse, 8 Sept ’63


I returned last evg from Richmond dear Mary & found here your letters of 23 Aug & 3 Sept: also Agnes’ of Aug 31st. I am truly grateful that you feel some benefit & trust your amendment may be progressive. I wish you could have remained at the warm springs longer. I think you would have improved more rapidly. Thank the girls for their letters & messages. I do not know when I can answer them. My table is piled with letters & papers which it will take me time to work off. Among them are letters from Charlotte & mildred. The former is better I trust. Seems yet to be weak & Sad & wishes to return to the Bath Alum or go to the yellow Sulphur. The latter is as busy as ever & thinks it will be time for her to leave school at the end of this session. What do you think of it, & what will become of her? Tell Mary I enclose two letters returned to me from some where on the Rappk that Could not be forwd to her when in K: G. They will be interesting from their antiquity, I recognize my superscription on one & yours on the other. I missed you all when in R_ very much though I was occupied as I usually am when in that City. I slept in Custis’ room. Breakfasted at the neighbours & dined with the Pres. I saw Mr Caskie several times. Mrs C. had not returned but Misses N. & Annie were there. Mrs. Randolph whom I saw much of had arranged to Come up with me & take a look at the army & bring Margt & Carrie stuart who were staying with her. I tried to get off every day & at last having got the decision of the Pres: sunday night went in about 10 P.M. to announce my departure monday morg Mrs. R. declared she could not get ready. But the girls always prompt were at the door at 5 ½ am. so I brought them up & carried them to the house where Mrs. Ewell was staying & placed them under her charge as being the next best person to represent you. I hope they will have a happy time, but I suppose I shall scarcely ever see them as they are 2 miles off. Ada is to be married next week & they are to return to the wedding. I believe wednesday is the day fixed. Her Swain is now in R. I left Custis well. Nothing new from F__ except reports from returned prisoners, saying he was doing well & well treated & a great favourite with the Yankees. No arrangement for exchanges yet made though Mr Ould is sanguine. You must thank Mr. Buford for all his Kindness & say I wish I could get to see him. I will endeavour however to see his son. I will send notes to Genl Stuart & Rob. Kiss daughter & A for me very affy R E Lee





Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 476, Section 23, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 May 11