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Camp 25 Nov ’63


I recd yesterday dear Mary your letter of the 22nd. I have read with much interest the affectionate notes of Fitzhugh & Markie. About the former I grieve daily. I have been in hopes that some Genl officer of Cavy might fall in our hands with whom he might be specially exchanged. But as yet my hopes have not been realized. For the latter I feel deeply. I duly appreciate her warm affectionate heart, & hope I may have an opportunity hereafter to shew the estimation in which I hold her. The Kindness exhibited towards you as well as myself by our people in addition to exciting my gratitude causes me to reflect how little I have done to merit it, & humbles me in my own eyes to a painful degree. I Can only thank God for all the good he has done to me. Mrs. Cocke & Mr Wilmer have been very Kind. Genl Ransom sent me also three bhls: of sweet potatoes. You must Keep little Sallie’s present & eat it. I will indemnify myself when I see her. I am glad you are still pleased with your house & that your brother Smith Condescended to visit you in it. He does not seem pleased with its humble proportions. I must have Custis tell you of his visit here. I am very sorry that the weather was so bad that I Could not give the President a review. I wanted him to see the troops & wanted them to see him. We had a hard rain the first 24 hours of their arrival. Monday was a beautiful day, but the earth was so saturated with water & this red mud is do deep & [treacherous?] that I postponed it till Tuesday. But Tuesday opened with a hard rain, & the Pres: in view of the near approach of Cong: thought he must return to Richmond. I wrote you by Custis & also sent a note of thanks to Carrie [Stuart] for her handy work. I return Fitzhugh & Markie’s letters. I also send a note just recd from Mrs Stiles. The peach leather is excellent. I did not know that I have ever mentioned to you George’s death. He was first taken with chills for which the Dr. treated him. He never complained, said but little was the matter & that he would soon be well. I observed some days Perry cooking in his place, but nothing seemed to excite apprehension until we recrossed the Rapidan. The next morg he looked so badly that I determined to send him back to the Hospital. He was opposed to this & preferred remain in camp. The Dr thought he had better go & he was sent in an ambulance accordingly. I enclose the note of the Dr. announcing his death. I am very sorry. The Dr said he had camp fever.

Give much love to all

Very truly

R E Lee     




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51c 491, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond 


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 June 13