PGBC Senior Prom - Stepping Out In Elegance - August 10th

Camp, Orange, 9 Aug 63


I have not heard from you dear Mary since your first arrival at the H.S. I fear therefore there is not mail Communication with that celebrated resort & that my letters have not reached you. I have written two or three times since my return to the valley & addressed them as you directed to the “Care of Saml Goode &c”. I hope the waters have afforded you Some relief dear Mary & that you enjoy some comfort & ease in the society of your daughters. Rob called on his way to the Brigade & spent a day with me. He was going to serve with Col: Chambliss commg the brigade of F__ till his return. Tell Chass: that Pres: Lincoln for special service of Genl Graham captured at Gettysburg has applied for his particular exchange & F__ has been named to the Secry of War to be exchanged for him. If it is accomplished the battle of Gettysburg will at least be of interest to her. I hope it may be done & that they both may be well & happy again. Rob was very well & did not think that Custis’ marriage would take place soon, or that he would be married this year. So Mrs. Lee you have no immediate prospect of acquiring any new daughters, & you must take good care of your old ones. I hope they are all well. Rob says sister is fat & plump. I should like to see her & that Charlotte says she is the thinnest person in the whole Confy. I Cannot believe that, tell her, & I am sure the baths at the Hot will benefit her. He called at Hickory Hill for a night & found them all as well & Kind [words missing] Mrs. Wm Taylor the other day informing me of the death of her husband, & that she had been in bed three months with no prospect of recovery. Poor lady what is she to do. She has a large plantation & no one to aid her. Mr Frank Dickens also called to see me the other day & gave me an account of his suffering. I suppose you heard of his being obliged to leave his home as he has been in Richmond for some time. He says Aunt M. is well & tolerably unmolested. She has been plundered of every thing they Could take off, but pursues the even tenor of her way. He has been arrested & imprisoned 13 times. Mrs. D & the younger children are at home. I rode in to orange CtHouse this morg to church & Miss Fanny Hunter our former neighbour came up & spoke to me. She was in deep mourning. I saw also several other ladies of my acquaintance. Mrs. Ewell, Mrs. Pendleton, Mrs. Heth &c, who had imitated Charlottes example & were pursuing their husbands. The poor men say their wives cannot Come to see them & they are not allowed to visit them. I have recd a letter from Markie, saying she had heard that two Federal officers were in prison in Richmond & were to be executed in retaliation for the death of orton & her cousin & begging me to intercede in their behalf. She sent me a copy of ortons last letter to her which I will send you. Markie has been misinformed as to the proposed retaliation. I do not know how to get a letter to her. You must give much love to all my daughters. I trust you are all being benefited & that God will guard & protect you all. I have to write on my Knee now & it is very fatiguing [end of letter]




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 470, Section 23, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 May 17