Camp, Fredg

22 Nov ’62


I have recd dearest Mary your letter of the 18th with the letters of Marshall & Markie enclosed. I was much gratified at their perusal & particularly glad to hear of my poor sisters improved condition. I do not know when I shall be able to thank him for his sympathy. I return Markie’s as you desire & place with it a letter from Mrs. Elliott, sister of Mrs. Stiles. I have also recd the package of drawers you sent me. I have not yet been able to open it, but I have no doubt the garments are excellent & fit perfect. The morg I left Culpepper Rob walked into my camp, so I put him on one of my horses & brought him along in the evg. He had a rainy ride but we reached here next morg. Fortunately his upper garments were good & he had picked up on the last battle field a soldiers overcoat (yankee) which kept him tolerably dry. But he had nothing but what he stood in, & never has when I see him. I must try & get him something. He did not have a blanket, so I had to share mine with him. I wish Miss Norvell [Caskie] would marry him & take care of him. I have given him a horse, saddle & bridle to begin with. I have not recd Mr. Kipler’s letter but no doubt will in time & will attend to it. I do not now know what I can do. We have had wretched weather since I have been here & I fear our men have suffered much. It has been very cold & still is. But it has been dry to day. I have been out ever since my arrival surveying the enemy & preparing for them. I hope we shall give a good account of them if they cross. They seem to be hesitating, but are very numerous. They demanded the surrender of Fredg yesterday & said if it was not yielded by 5 p.m. they would shell the town at 9 a.m. to day. They however did not commence. I was moving out the women & children all last night & to day. It was a pitious sight. But they have brave hearts. What is to become of them God only knows. I pray he may have mercy on them. Fitzhugh is well tell Chass. He dined with me yesterday. Rob will join him now. Give much love to her & the baby. Also to Agnes. Remember me to all friends.

Very truly & affy

R E Lee




Source: Photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 407, Virginia Historical Society

 Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 April 3