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Near Richmond 28 July ’62


I only recd to day your letter of the 24th enclosing Mildreds note & your note of Sunday night. I am very glad to hear of your welbeing [sic] & Can understand your pleasure at being with those around you. You must give a great deal of love to all with you & say how happy I should be. Could I only join them one day! But it is a thing I cannot look forward to nor in the prospect before me, Can I see a single ray of pleasure during this war. But so that I can perform any service to the country, I am content. Tell Chass1 I am not writing to Fitzhugh as she is, nor do I write to men. But I will tell him to send Henry up. I am very glad to hear that Wm is so well as to be able to ride about. Tell him he must begin to take leave of his beautiful Lucy for I want him now at the head of his regt: I hope to get him exchanged soon. Remember me to Uncle Wms & every body & kiss my sweet Chass for me. I hope I shall see my dear Cousin Anne once again. I have sent your letter to Mrs Caskie. I heard from Major Hutton2 yesterday that he expected Custis on Wednesday next. I did not learn how he was. I wish indeed we were all together again. But that Cannot be.

In the meantime if it ever occurs you must teach yourselves with your daughters somewhere & take care of yourselves. When you write to Rob again tell him to catch Pope for me & also to bring in his Cousin Louis Marshall, whom I am told is on his staff.3 I could forgive the latter fighting against us, but not his joining such a miscreant as Pope. I hardly think the B. Republican4 principles of his father can endorse him. Again with much love & constant prayers for your happiness I am as always affecty & sincerely yours

R E Lee




Source: Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51c 315, Section 16, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 January 10    




1. “Chass” is Charlotte Georgiana Wickham Lee (1841-1863), the wife of William Henry Fitzhugh Lee. She died on 1863 December 26, while Rooney was in a prisoner of war camp. She is buried in Richmond.  

2. Elihu Hutton (1837-1916) served as a scout for Robert E. Lee early in the war and later was appointed captain in the 20th Virginia cavalry regiment. He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. His brother Eugenius served in the 31st Virginia infantry. He later was appointed to be a second lieutenant in the 20th Virginia cavalry. He was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill on 1864 September 3.

3. Louis H. Marshall (1827-1892) was the son of Anne K. Marshall (1800-1864), Robert E. Lee’s sister. He and his immediate family remained loayl to the Union. Anne was the wife of William Lewis Marshall (1803-1869).

4. Lee presumably means “Black” Republican.