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Richmond Va: 23rd May ‘70


My dear Cousin Annie1

I have recd your kind invitation of the 17th, & had previously determined if possible, to stop at H. Hill on my way to Lexington. I expect to be detained here three days with my Drs but if I can get away on thursday will certainly pay you a visit. I am obliged to take the packet boat at Lynchburg Friday evg for Lexington so if I do not arrive by thursday, you will know that I was unable to stop. Agnes has come with me this far & has been my constant & uncomplaining nurse on my whole journey, but threatens to divorce herself from me now, owing I presume to some fault of mine as is customary with men. So I cannot say whither she will adhere to me any farther or not. We came up from the White House this morg & have separated. She has gone to Mrs Fairfax’s & I am at Mr Macfarland’s, but she promises to see me occasionally & if our travelling relatives can be restored, even at costly sacrifices on my part I will be happy to take her with me.         

I left all well at the W. H. but your Cousin Tabb, & lest I should not see you, I will deliver your cousin Mary’s message now, which was that the reason she did not write to me is, that Tabb has been so sick that she has been waiting for her to get better. All send love & as I hope to see you all soon I will only add mine with my best [last few words of letter are missing]


Miss Annie Wickham



1. Anne Carter Wickham Renshaw Byerly (1851-1939), the daughter of Williams Carter Wickham and Lucy Penn Taylor Wickham, married Robert H. Renshaw (1833-1910) in 1881 and they had four children. In 1920, Anne Renshaw married Dr. W.E. Byerly and lived in Massachusetts.



Source: Scan of original letter, The Papers of Robert E. Lee, 1830-1870, University of Virginia Special Collections, Charlottesville   

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 December 18