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Near Richmond

August 9, 1862


I can only write you a short letter my dear daughters & it must therefore be a joint one. On my return night before last from Malvern Hill I found your sweet affectionate letters my dear Annie & Agnes which made me wish to see you more than ever. I am glad you are all well & have determined to write to me sometimes without waiting for replies. I have but little time for such recreation & I feel after they are written they are not worth reading, so it gives but little encouragement. I was called to Malvern Hill by its occupation by the enemy. On reaching there Wednesday afternoon after a dreadful hot march for our men, I found the enemy in position & in the same lines they occupied Tuesday the 1st July & apparently in the same strength, drawn up, infantry, cavalry & artillery in battle array. I thought they were going to fight the battle over again. We got in position by dark & rested till 3 next morning. On moving up we found they had slipped through our fingers during the night leaving in our hands some forty or fifty prisoners & a few dead on the field, the result of the skirmish the previous evening. They took refuge within their lines & we took another hot march to our camp. Your mother is at Hickory Hill. Charlotte also. She says she is going to join you soon.

Mrs. Mary Stevenson & little M. are in Richmond & return to Georgetown on Tuesday with Genl L. Thomas, Markie’s friend.1 I received a note from Annette the other day by an unknown hand. From what she said I supposed it was one of her sweethearts coming to the wars. All were well & all at Goodwood. Mary Hoffman & her spouse had been to see them. The former in full health again, looking very well. I send you her letter & card. Preserve the latter for me & if you ever write express my thanks &c. Miss Kittie Stiles came on for her brother. He left the morning of the evening of her arrival in Richmond. Your mother saw her. He was slightly wounded. Your sister is at Mrs. C[askie]’s. Custis is at his castle with his bachelors, looking quite well but reporting weak. I will send him your letters that he may read your messages. Rob is with Jackson. It will be difficult for a letter to find him. Fitzhugh near Hanover Court House.

No time for more. Love & kisses to you all.

Your devoted father

R E Lee


Misses Annie & Agnes Lee




1. Lorenzo Thomas (1804-1875), a Union general.




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 375, Section 19, Virgina Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 April 3