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Nov 25th 1734

Dear Sir,

            Dennis Son waits on you for I dont know what. but I advise you of three of yr people at his Quarter being ill; one he tells me is upon the recovery, but two Women that came down from you are very ill, & so they are to continue, if we will take his word, the Doctr was with them Saturday last & was to come yesterday.

            Again I am to Desire of shirts & 4 shrifts for Dens people who as he says are not on the same foot as [torn] Rest of yr Quarters. I fancy the trip that Dennis West & Crowder had with you Some shirts or shrifts are gone the wrong way, or Dennis has deceav’d me. He says some negros have more then they ought to have.

            Dennis has very near done his Ditch on the old plantn & is fully resolved to fence in all the land this winter for pasturage wch will be of great use to you in yr stock of cattle & dunging of ground; but grumbles very much to have a hand the third week with yr ditcher; As he has so much work other ways this winter to accomplish his design wch in my opinion is very good & will certainly answer the End, & save Cows &c being drown’d or shott

            Great Sam & Crowders foreman were well whip’t for Stealing pork from Capt Smith & the Emperor had all his pork again, so I hope he is satisfied.

            Dennis man Sharp is stark naked as he tells me, if you have nothing to send now, Ill take care that he shall be Clothed. The Devil I hear is going over the Bay this week in an open boat a pleasuring with Mr Quill. Three of yr Cattle from Dennis or Crowders are in the forrest of Northumberland at Wm Hardings as he told me last week, if you will send for them you may have them, they have been there ever since the Spring. My wife joins with me with our best Compliments to good Mrs Carter & yr self & little Bob Wormsley Dear Sir

yr very affect: Humle Servt

Rid Lee


To Landon Carter Esqr 1

At Landsdown

Mr Richd LeeNov. 25




Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.020

Transcribed by Caitlin Connelly, 2016 June 2

1. Landon Carter (1710-1778) was a Virginia planter and son of Robert “King” Carter and uncle of Robert Carter III. He is best known for his diary of his life leading up to the American Revolutionary War, The Diary of Colonel Landon Carter.