Richard,1 the eldest son, settled as a merchant in London, in partnership with his Uncle Thos Corbin, he there married an heiress, of the name of Silk,2 from whom is descended the present George Lee of Mount Pleasant,3 the Mother of the Mother of the Turbervilles and Gawin Corbin of Caroline Phillip the 2d son4 went to Maryland and settled then he married a Brook5 of a considerable family in Potoxent [Patuxent] from whom all the maryland Lee’s are descended. Francis the 3d son died a Bachelor at Paradise in Gloucester County. Thomas the 4th son married Hannah Lu[dwell] 2d daughter of Phillip Ludwell, of Groundspring, James City County. The family of the Ludwells is very ancient, and descended by marriage from Lord Cottington, Secretary of State, to Kings Charles the 1st and 2d. From this Marriage, Thomas left 6 sons, Phillip Ludwell, Thomas Ludwell, Richard Henry, Francis Lightfoot, William, and Arthur, and 2 daughters, Hannah, & Alicey. Henry the 6th son, married a Miss Bland, of James River, & left 3 Sons: John, Richard, and Henry. John died without children. Richard married old, and got 3, and Henry, is father of the present Governor of Virginia, 1790.

The foregoing testator returned to Virginia, where he lived several years; and died at his Seat upon the dividing Creek, in Northumberland County where he was buried, & his tombstone, is there to be found. His eldest son John, died before him, a bachelor: Richard, the 2d son, married a Miss Corbin, sister to Gawin Corbin, & Thomas Corbin, also to the Mother of Doctor Portheus, the present Bishop of London, also to Mrs Taylor, Grandmother of the father, of the present John Taylor of Mount Airy: also to Mrs Griffin, Grandmother of the present Judge Griffin. By this marriage Richard, left five sons, Richard, Philip, Francis, Thomas, and Henry, and 1 daughter, who married William Fitzhugh, who was father of Henry Fitzhugh, and Grandfather, of the present William Fitzhugh, of Chatham. He had also two daughters, 1 married Mr Bourridel a famous Lawyer; the other, George Turberville, of Hickory Hill, both of whom died without issue; she outlived her husband, and afterwards married Daniel McCarty, Grandfather of the present Daniel McCarty of Popes Creek, by whom she had no issue.

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Reminisc abt

the Lee family


Virg & Maryland

Recd from

Portia Lee since Mrs


at Lully

Au. 1798.

Zaccheus Collins Esqr7



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.076

Transcribed by Caitlin Connelly, 2016 June 8

1. Richard Lee III (1679-1718)

2. Martha Silk (d. ca. 1734)

3. George Lee of Mount Pleasant (1714-1761)

4. Philip Lee (1681-1744)

5. Sarah Brooke (d. 1724)

6. Portia Lee (1777-1840) was the daughter of William and Hannah Phillippa Ludwell Lee of Green Spring. She married William Hodgson.

7. Zaccheus Collins of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was a member of the Society of Friends, NY Academy of Science, and American Philosophical Society. His sister was Elizabeth Collins, who married Richard Bland Lee.