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Virginia Lee Hall July 13th 1774


Dear Cousin,


            The Goods sent for by Captain Nazon were in General good, but the Shoes rather the Clumsiest, the Executors have sent the Crop of the Tobacco to you this Year, therefore as I am in Want and in great Distress for a pair of Boots & Spines, and like & Wire as Travel about the Country a good deal, Require them to be strong, this Year the Executors has empowered me to write my own Invoice, the Shoes you sent me last, were of the Right Size, but as I imagine you [illegible] on the Size of my foot by the last Sent, you will not be at a loss in getting them & a Proper Size, You will send me by yr. Ship that sails into our Newer four Pair of strong Shoes & four pair of fine four pair of White Men’s Thread Stockings, and four pair of Silk, a fashionable Hatt, a piece of of [sic] Cloth a Siut of Clothes, a Piece of Irish Linnen, of about three shillings Sterling Per Yard, & a bit of Cambridge sufficient for to make Stocking Suit able to the Quantity of Linnen sent for, this East India affair has bred great Disturbances in America, and the chief People in our Country are determined to put a Stop to all the Export & Import until the King Repeals the act of Parliament, Show no more to alledge, but to beg leave you would remember me to Mrs. Lee and am Sir,


Yr. best Wishes,


Lancelot Lee


Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.047, Jessie Ball duPont Library, Stratford Hall


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2015 December 7