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Camp Boteler Sept 11, ’63


My Dear Miss Agnes,


I would not have troubled you again with a line, but for the fact that you alluded to your album’s having some unintelligible signatures or characters. For my life I don’t know what you mean and if you will only describe it, or draw a fac simile I promise, if in my power to enlighten you.

I am however glad of any accident or circumstance which brings about such an agreeable missive as yours. The fatality of the yankees and the Lee family is more marvelous than pleasing.

Tell old Capt Buford to take the part of wisdom and entrench. Even though not a yankee is within 300 miles, yet this startling fact stands out. The Lee family are with him, and space will be no barrier his only hope is to entrench and that speedily, ere the enemy be upon him.

Is it a fact though that in engaging board that you have to pay enormously for the risk incurred in belonging to the Lee family? If that is the case let me advise you to “jine some other company.” I know of no other family to which the yankees have such predeliction.

Hampton and Fitz Lee are Major Generals com’d’g Divisions in my corps. Wickham Lomax Baker & Butler are also Brigadiers.

I am very proud to have contributed in the least respect to your gratification and I trust that if there is anything on land or sea which you desire, I will try to get it if you will only intimate what it is.

You are right in giving a choice place to Pelham, noble fellow. I loved him. I venture you will never find any one who did not love him.

Price, Farley, Stuart, and Von Borcke, were noble spirits too. Von B. may recover but his eye has lost its fire his arm its giant power. Like a mast after a storm with its sails torn, and drooping, he drags along, a wreck of the noblest manhood. Hs heart however is unchanged it brims high with ardent love for our cause, and with ardent affection towards those who have been kind to him. His is a noble nature. I am proud to have been associated with him.

I hope Rooney will be back soon. I miss him much. He will no doubt be promoted upon his release.

Accept many thanks for your very nice letter, may I hope for another?

Your sincerely

J. E. B. Stuart





Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 b 62, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 May 16