Leeland Jan 15th -92

My dear Nephew,

            Again you have kindly remembered me as the years roll round, and again I thank you for the proof in the prettily bound, and valuable little book, “The changed life,” which has followed your last years gift that exquisite copy of “The greatest thing in the world,” which I think you must have read and are now practising. Even if you were “trying to convert me,” by sending me a lecture which might – lead to it – yet I rejoice to think me a missionary, which all Church members should be. You have helped me on to a more watchful and diligent walk. “Another turn in the journey here I have reached through the Fathers love” And most truly thankful am I that I begin this New Year in such perfect health. I am sorry to tell you that they have all been sick at Mr Potts – Sallie has been quite ill, and Kate is now very sick with grip. There is a great deal of it here but no deaths. Gaz paid us a short visit in Nov. but his hunting did not amount to much as it rained most of the time. He sent me a picture of his two lovely little boys – Can’t you do the same? If I cannot see them in person, I should like to have them on paper Ida Rust is spending the winter with us, and Nestor Goldborough and my son Harry will dine with us the 7th of Feb. which is by birth day and I cordially invite you to join the family party. Ah my dear! The years are all telling upon me. Time is grafting his gray locks upon my head and by these shaky lines and trembling hands, you will see he has begun his ruin in earnest. Edmund and Ida send love and good wishes and my greeting is, “Where’er than goest in sun or shade,

Mayst thou ever a blessing be

To the weary hearts who are pressing on

To the Shore of Eternity!

With love to your better half

believe me always

            your affectionate


                                    Henrietta B Lee

You bear the name which is dearest to me on earth, and my interest and affection for you is heightened by the fact.1 May our Heavenly Father and His Son our blessed Jesus be with you and yours thro’ all time.

            H B L



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.447

Transcribed by Caitlin Connelly, 2016 June 9

1. Henrietta Bedinger Lee was the second wife of Edmund Jennings Lee, the older brother of Cassius Francis Lee, who was the father of the recipient of the letter, also named Edmund Jennings Lee.