Shepherdstown March 5th 1844

My Dear Cassius

            I have received your kind letter of the 4th Instant. It is indeed sad to part with those who we so dearly love, even when assured the separation is for their good. I have often been tried in the furnace affliction – doubtless these things are intended, and I hope will have the effect of teaching us not to place our affections too much on earthly and perishable objects. The dear boy, whom I have recently lost, was peculiarly attractive, affectionate and intelligent – and the omniscient creator doubtless perceived that Lee was likely to become an Idol, and thought it best to remove him. we feel, deeply feel, the loss, but endeavour to submit to what we cannot but know is for our dear child’s advantage, and intended for our benefit.

            Other members of the family have been slightly affected with sore throats and fevers, but are again well, and we flatter ourselves that they may escape. I expected before this to have been in Alexandria, but now shall be obliged to postpone my visit until the early part of April. I would not like to leave home at present, and this is the month when the quarterly turns of the County Courts set.

            I sincerely hope to hear of the entire and speedy restoration of your children to health.

            Henrietta is going about again and attending to her household affairs. She desires to be affectionately remembered to Sally & yourself. & all our friends.

Your’s truly & affectionately

E. J. Lee

Cassius F. Lee Esqr


Cassius F. Lee Esqr.

            Alexandria D.C.

This letter you will prize all the more as your dear father sent it to me after my beloved husband’s death.



Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.203.

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