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Alexandria 24 June 1794

Dear Sir

            When I left Chantilly, it was without hope of ever seeing again the best of men, and I have felt some consolation in learning by your letter that his last moments were free of pain.1

            The steps you propose to take concerning the will meet my approbation, for in all these matters, delay is apt to produce embarrassment. My desire to render every service to the members of the family, will induce me to give every assistance that shall go to that object. If it should be necessary for me to qualify as executor, I can do it at any time hereafter but I shall join you and Mr. Corbin Washington in the guardianship of the children. I wish you to proceed in all things concerning the estate, as you and the other gentlemen shall think right without waiting for my presence; it being uncertain when it will be in my power to go to Westmoreland. By this I mean to express that reexamination and arrangement of the papers need not be deferred for me.

            The president is at mount Vernon and will be here a few days; he enjoys good health.

I am Dr. Lee with sentiments of esteemed respect your obed srvt

Charles Lee


William A. Washington, Esq.

By Charles L.  Westmoreland


Charles Lee

Letter 24 June 1794

about the administration

on Rob Lee’s estate, and

guardianship of his




Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.091

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1. Referring to death of Richard Henry Lee on 1794 June 19.