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A couple of months ago, I decided to go to Aruba to celebrate my 40th birthday. While hanging out at the pool, my wife and I were just admiring the scenery, my wife began admiring how nice it must be to be a bird and fly to Aruba for a vacation whenever you feel like it! I started joking her and telling her that a bird can’t fly that long across the water without landing; that it would get tiered and drown before it made it to the island.  Without any facts, I asked her to google what species could fly the longest without landing. While she was looking for that, I started looking up how may miles was it from Miami to Aruba. While I am thinking that it was NO WAY a bird could fly over 200 miles without needing to land, she comes across a bird named the Alpine Swift. Amazingly, this bird can not only fly for hours without ever having to land, it can fly for DAYS! Wait, not days as in 5 or 6…it can literally fly for so many days that the days turn into MONTHS!  You read that right. The Alpine Swift can fly for up to SIX MONTHS without ever landing! This bird is so amazing it even sleeps in flight! Meaning that there is literally nowhere in the world that it can’t go! There is no destination that it can’t arrive. The Alpine Swift is most comfortable soaring in the air. It is most uncomfortable on the ground. It spends 90% of its lifespan in the air; on a level that’s far above others. It literally loves to stay up!Image result for alpine swift

Where would you be if you had the mentality of the Alpine Swift? How far could you go if you stayed up? Where could you arrive in life if you stopped letting people bring you down or even get you down? I am convinced that you have been spending too much of your life on a level that’s beneath your ability. It’s time for you to get up & stay up! Start investing a greater part of your life going somewhere; in flight with your wings staying spread! Yes, achieving like this is a lonely place. Not everyone can keep up with you when you stay in flight like this. But this is why you need to find other Alpine Swifts that can stay on your level!

I challenge you to spread your wings & take off! No one told the Alpine Swift that it could fly for months without landing. It just decided to take flight and to refuse to come down! It refused to be distracted. & without succumbing to distractions and the temptation to come down, it found that it could keep going and going and going. How far can you go if you refuse to be distracted or come down? If you don’t know, it’s time to stretch yourself. Mount up on wings like an Alpine Swift! Get up & stay up!  


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