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Jesus said in Luke 5:37 that you don't put new wine in old wineskin, b/c old wineskin doesn't stretch. It's stiff & it refuses to change. With this teaching Jesus was trying to help people around him understand that he was God's new thing in the midst of a traditional context that refused to adjust; that he and his ministry approach was the new relevancy. God gave him permission for his ministry to look different, not fit the usually conventional box of his time, & for it to provide a completely different experience than what was currently in place. Sometimes we get so stuck in our traditional way of doing things, we lose the ability to adapt & be different. We become 'old wineskin.' & when this happens, the only way to cure it is to INOV8 (Innovate)!

INOV8 is a new ministry that we are preparing to launch that will be given the task of keeping the ministry filled with fresh & relevant ideas so that we can continue doing kingdom work in new ways. It will be designed to live out of the box while staying in the bible! We are preferably seeking involvement from our millennials (ages 16-36), but if you don't fit this age range, don't let it discourage you from being involved. If you are full of ideas & innovative ways that we can implement to reach others for Christ, we invite you to come aboard and help us INOV8!

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