"...God provides for those he loves even while they sleep.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭127:2‬ ‭NIRV‬‬

Y'all don't even understand how this scripture blessed me today! I was actually reading this Psalm preparing for a sermon series I want to do  later in the year, and I read the NIRV translation, in which arrested me immediately! It was an instant shout moment! The Bible says in the NIRV translation that even while I'm SLEEP, God is up making provisions for me! My God! Even while I'm dreaming, He's lining up my God ordained dreams so they can come to pass in time! Listen brothers and sisters, you don't even understand what God is up to in your life while you're in your bed sleeping at night! Jacob got a glimps of this divine activity in Genesis 28:12. He fell asleep and he dreamed angels ascending and descending a ladder reaching heaven from the earth. This dream was just no ordinary dream. It was a revelation! God was allowing Jacob to peek into divine activity. He was showing Jacob all the things that are going on between the heaven and earth realm even while God's people are sound asleep! Jacob was sleep, but angels were busy working and carrying out God's business. & God is still doing this for us right now! Heaven is still touching the earth, putting things in place for those in covenant relationship with God!

This ought to change your morning prayer life! From now on when you get up in the morning, I want you to make sure you tell God thank you for all the stuff He was busy working on even while you were asleep! All the stuff He was putting in place for you while you were resting! Thank Him for the circumstances He lined up for your good while your eyes were closed. The things He assigned His angels to perform for you during the midnight hours!  Isn't that good news? God moves for your good even during our darkest times! Brothers and sisters I'm so glad God loves me! So much so that He KEEPS on working things out for my good even while I'm sleep! Wonder what God is going to be busy with tonight while I'm sleep!?

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