• To become an Acts 2 Modeled Church

      • Exist as a church fueled by vision & driven by purpose

      • Focus on multiple ways to advance the gospel (e.g. radio, internet, local television, podcast, live streaming…etc)

      • Improve community evangelism by employing fun & creative ways to introduce others to Christ & His church.

      • Participate in regular corporate fasting & praying

      • Reach more lost souls for Christ, and make more disciples for Christ

      • Grow worship services attendance to at least 75% of the active membership.

    • To produce a healthier church from the inside out.

      • Acquire & develop leaders who can assist in leading the church to the fulfillment of its purpose and vision.

      • Improve relationships between members & leaders.

      • Host special services that will empower the church and/or particular groups within the church for Christian living

      • Enhance the congregational worship experience by providing variegated music that reaches & speaks to all races, ages, and spiritual levels.

      • Preach relevant sermons that minister to every culture, race, generation, gender, and to every social & spiritual condition faced by humanity.

      • Organize spiritual retreats for marriages, leaders, youth, prayer and more for spiritual rejuvenation & growth.

      • Develop a youth & young adult ministry that is effective and thriving within the church & community.

      • Use various methods to encourage at least 75% of the active membership to be involved within the life of the church.

    • To help others experience Christ, & to strengthen Christian relationships through relevant ministries.

- Prayer partner ministry

- Singles ministry

- Health & Wellness Ministry

- Money management enrichment classes

- Blended Family ministry

- Life/small Groups

- Widows ministry

- Recreational sports



    • To possess facilities that will minister to people’s economic, social, and physical needs

      • Launch & complete new sanctuary building project

(phase I ) Expand current parking lot to accommodate worshipers

Phase II) New Sanctuary

      • Remodel current worship facility to include a banquet hall, teen multi-purpose lounge, & additional classroom space.

      • Open a Christian bookstore for members & visitors to have easy access to Christian literature, sermons, & more for the building of their faith.

      • Upgrade & increase technology usage throughout the ministry.

      • Purchase an additional church van to use for ministry functions.



    • Build churches’ finances to a place where we can thrive in ministry.

      • Implement annual stewardship plan to increase tithers and grow consistent givers (e.g. All tithers month, sacrificial giving Sunday, capital campaign pledges…etc).

      • Teach & preach on biblical stewardship

      • Grow into a 90% or more tithing membership.

      • Become a tithing church (giving 10% of our financial resources back to our local and global community).

      • Seek out & take advantage of private grant funding for ministry /community initiatives.

      • Invest a percentage of church funds in various mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and banking institutes for growth

      • Annually save a significant amount of income for future projects and vision goals.

      • Promote various capital campaigns to reduce/eliminate debt, fund vision projects, or enhance church property.

      • Seek to own certain businesses within the community that line up with communal needs & services (e.g. barbershop, salon, daycare, assisted living facility, mental health services…etc).

      • Increase membership participation in E-giving

      • Partner with banking institutes whereby our membership can glean financial advantages for checking accounts, loans, interest rates …etc

      • Provide financial training classes for membership to assist with budgeting, saving, debt reduction & other money matters.



    • Get involved in the community, & establish a godly presence whereby it agrees with our purpose, mission, and vision as a ministry.

      • Partner with local organizations to assist with their goals & visions which positively impact our community.

      • Host community events to build healthy rapport with surrounding neighbors.

      • Use creative ways to develop a more positive and apparent community presence.

      • Minister to the needs of senior citizens in nursing homes by providing needed materials, social interaction, and spiritual support.

      • Establish a stronger & consistent method of connecting with visitors

      • Adopt local schools within our immediate community to establish a Christian presence within the schools, and to assist with education endeavors for our youth.

      • Support social, political, & community causes (cancer, HIV/AIDS awareness, voter registration…etc).

      • Support local and global mission efforts.

      • See & serve the homeless community


Service Times

  • 8:30 am In-person Sunday School

  • 9:45am Worship Service (Only)
    No Nursery Held at this time.


Piney Grove Baptist Church
2804 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23453

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